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Valley Fine foods is dedicated to the creation of foods made with quality ingredients and easily prepared by all shoppers. Every day our mission is to make these foods while always maintaining a team-first mentality where we help each other to grow as individuals but to succeed as a family. Valley Fine Foods was created by a family and run that way as well, focusing on the quality of our products and the livelihood of our employees. Over the years, the strength of our company has allowed our brands and product lines to grow, and we are looking forward to what the future holds.

A Short History of Valley Fine Foods

  • Valley Fine Foods Created
    Valley Fine Foods early 1984 logo
    Founded by two food scientists, Valley Fine Foods begins with the launch of a fresh-cut pasta and sauce line.
  • Pasta Prima Created
    Pasta Prima
    Pasta Prima branded ravioli becomes a top selling brand of refrigerated and frozen pasta in wholesale clubs.
  • Three Bridges Created
    Three Bridges
    Three Bridges brand is introduced to launch new meal solution innovation items in addition to refrigerated filled pastas and sauces. After the initial launch, innovation exploration expands outside of meals and into the convenient refrigerated space.
  • Artisola Created
    Artisola launches in the natural channel featuring a line of non-GMO organic ravioli and a selection of gluten-free ravioli. Currently, according to syndicated data, Artisola is one of the top-selling organic refrigerated pasta brands in the United States.
  • Three Bridges Egg Bites Launched
    Three Bridges Egg Bites
    Three Bridges Egg Bites are first launched in club stores with Uncured Bacon & Cheese Egg Bite flavor. Three Bridges Egg Bites has since expanded to nationwide distribution through club and retail channels.
  • What’s Next?
    Keep an eye out in stores to see our new innovations.

Meet The Valley Fine Foods Team

Todd Nettleton

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Cullen

Chief Finance Officer

Chris Asby

VP of Operations

Craig Schauffel

VP of Research & Culinary Innovation

John Lawrenz

VP of Sales

Amanpreet Brar

VP of Food Safety and Quality